Investor Visa and trends – What’s so exciting?

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Investor Visas (EB-3) are designed for Foreign Nationals who want to invest in the United States. Investors must invest US$500,000 to US$1,000,000, and create at least 10 jobs (family members don’t count) in either a new company or a failing company that the investor reorganizes into essentially a new company. The amount of investment depends on where the new business will be located. The Investor must also be actively involved in the business, now just fund it.

The Investor can bring his or her family, and all will receive Conditional Lawful Permanent Resident Status (Green Card). The CLPR must be renewed in two years to obtain permanent LPR status.
For the right investor this is a great way to bypass Temporary Worker Status, and the subsequent long wait for LPR. However, this is a tricky visa, and requires a great deal of expertise to properly prepare and file the application. This visa also requires a great deal of preparation to find the right business and location. Further the USCIS will require proof that all of the invested funds were legally obtained and belong to the investor. Special scrutiny is given to applications from countries with high fraud rates, and the visa itself has a relatively low approval rate.


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