H-1B Submission Deadline coming up

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The submission date for H-1B petitions is Wednesday, April 1. The cutoff for submission is April 5.

By now, you and your employer should have submitted all paperwork and documents to your Immigration attorney. The attorneys and paralegals are very busy doing the final steps for submission. They will be finalizing petitions so that they can be sent on Tuesday. If you go to their offices, you might see stacks of completed petitions just waiting for the overnight delivery service driver to pick them up. You can help ease this process by doing the following things:

DO respect that this is the busiest week of the year for the immigration attorney. When you interrupt them, it could delay your petition if they have to stop and answer your questions.

DO respond immediately to any questions or requests for information by your sponsor or the immigration attorney. Send all documents as PDF’s or original as requested.

DO direct all questions or concerns to your sponsors internal contact. This is always the best person to direct your questions to.

DO NOT contact the attorney to ask about progress. They will contact you if they need additional documents or information.

DO NOT contact the attorney to ask if the petition has been shipped or to request tracking numbers. They will most likely ship the petitions on Tuesday or Wednesday. Tracking numbers will be sent to the sponsor, if requested by the sponsor.

DO NOT contact the attorney to check if your application was accepted, selected, or approved. The attorney’s office will send this information to your sponsor, or to you if requested by the sponsor, when they have it. It may take up to 3 weeks to know if the application was accepted to the lottery.


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