Family Green Card for Indians, Chinese, Mexicans and Filipinos

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Due to the overwhelming demand for immigration visas from these 4 countries, there is an extreme backlog in processing immigration applications for family members.  The US only allows a certain number of immigrant visas each year.  They are allotted on a per-country basis, and the relationship of the applicant and sponsor also affects the wait time.  If you wish to sponsor a family member for an immigration visa, you should consider applying as soon as you are able, as it may take years for that individual’s classification to become current. Once your application is filed, you will have to wait until all the applications filed before yours are processed.

The Department of State issues a bulletin each month showing a Priority Date, or what date applications have to be filed before in order for them to be processed.  New Priority Dates are issued each month. You can check the dates at theDoS Visa website.  Dates can fluctuate both forward and back.

Your family members can still visit the United States as tourists or students, or Temporary Workers with their own Visas.

If you become a citizen, you can submit applications for your siblings, and new applications for your adult children which will retain the original Priority Date, but give your relative a new status and could shave years off the waiting period


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